The business of advertising can be quite challenging and strenuous for all businesses, and that is why companies, institutions, organizations, agencies, and even small businesses need full service advertising agency like Bensyl Advertising Limited to cater for their advertising needs. Bensyl Advertising offers a range of services to handle every facet of planning and implementing an advertising campaign, leaving business owners to concentrate on running and growing their companies. Our services include the following; 

Advertising and Marketing Plan

Among our core services, Bensyl Advertising create an advertising and marketing plan tailored to businesses, their products and brands. In executing our tasks, we tailor our adverts or campaign to our client’s business objectives, keeping within advert budgets and developing advertising and marketing campaigns that satisfy business needs.

Media Purchasing

In carrying out our client’s marketing and advertising campaign, we on behalf of our clients purchase media slots, such as adverts placed in magazines, newspapers, television broadcasts and radio shows. Our client doesn’t have to worry about how to research for information, negotiate for reasonable pricing, effective scheduling and getting results-oriented media platforms since we have affiliation with all the media houses in and even outside the country.

Web Marketing

At Bensyl Advertising, we manage in details the web presence of our clients covering professional web design, publishing, page traffic reports and web page updates. We have professional web designers who passionately design websites and web pages that guarantee ten times sales increment.


Bensyl Advertising has dedicated, competent and talented creative team who combines creativity with results-oriented marketing strategies to create compelling campaign intended to engage the attention of potential customers and get them to patronize our client’s products and/or services.

Tracking Results

At Bensyl Advertising, we do not just create your marketing and advertising campaign and leave you to your fate but we go all-out to track and see whether a campaign is meeting its objective(s) or not. If the campaign is not meeting its objective(s), the agency will investigate and analyse the cause and suggest new approaches if possible. We understand that an advertising campaign’s success ensures the continuity of business between the agency and our clients so we do not take our clients’ satisfaction for granted.

Event Management

Our agency helps individuals and organizations organise a number of different special events such as ceremonies, celebrations, product launches and product presentations, workshops, company inaugurations, conferences, event management, event coordination, exhibitions & signage, entertainment, venue sourcing and events where clients’ invite the public. Our team of professional event managers are skilled in the technical as well as the creative and logistical implementation of events by first identifying the audience of each event and go out of the way to understand our client’s brand as well their budget.

We undertake the following as an integrated marketing communications solutions agency.

  • OUTDOOR ADVERTISING (billboards, signage, etc.)
  • PRINT MEDIA (newspaper adverts, press insertions, publications, etc.)
  • TV (production of TV commercials, buying airtime, news coverage, etc.)
  • RADIO (production of radio commercials, airtime, PR)
  • ONLINE ADVERTS (Posting ads on news worthy websites for our clients)
  • EVENTS MANAGEMENT (launching, activations, etc.)
  • PRODUCTION WORKS (banners, polo & t-shirts, mugs, pens, call cards, branding etc.)